Hello 389-devel list,

We did cleaning-up the milestones in the 389-ds-base active tickets.
As you might have noticed, most 1.3.3 tickets and all 1.3.4 tickets are now placed in the backlog buckets.  We are trying to pick up committed tickets in the monthly buckets (e.g., 1.3.3 -3/14 (March)) as well as in the buckets with the versions (e.g.,

If you have any suggestions to move a ticket from backlog to monthly buckets, please send an email to this mailing list.

If you are choosing a ticket to work on, please consider the ones in the buckets with the versions first, then the current monthly bucket.  If there is no such tickets, please go for the backlog.

Please note that I have not touched IPA tickets yet.  Ludwig and Theirry, could you please evaluate the IPA tickets in the backlog and move them to the appropriate buckets based upon the priority?

Thank you,