Please bear with me if this is already handled in a bug report or something like that. I did a search on that docs, web and bugzilla but didn’t find an answer.


I am trying to write a simple post add operation plug-in that logs the added entry to a change log file. But I am facing an issue that even when the add operation fails due to any reason, the post operation plug-in logs the changes which is logically incorrect. I am aware that a post operation plug-in will run irrespective of whether the operation was successful or failure. But I think there should be a way to know the status of the operation from within the post-op plug-in i.e. through the parameter block. I searched through the RedHat’s plug-in programmer’s guide, but to no avail.  


I found that the Parameter block structure has an integer variable ‘pb_result_code’ (slap.h:1395:  int pb_result_code) which I believe should store the result of the operation as set by the back end. I would like to know if this is right and if so, how to access this variable from the plug-in or is there a better way of finding the status of the operation that I am not aware of.


Any help or pointers to the right document will be appreciated.




Umasankar P