Thanks to Ulf for his contribution!  The fix was reviewed and pushed to master.
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Subject: [PATCH] 525007 ldif2db replaces existing modify/create name and timestamps

Fix contributed by Ulf Weltman (

Description From  Ulf Weltman (
In previous releases, if LDIF being imported contained createTimestamp,
creatorsName, modifyTimestamp, or modifiersName, those values would be kept in
the imported entries.  BZ# 462922 added code to insert those attributes during
import but it clobbers any values existing in the LDIF being imported.  I think
the imported values should take precedence, this would be useful during
migration for example.

If anyone wants to take advantage of the new behavior where the server
provisions new values, they can strip out the values from the LDIF before
importing or they can set nsslapd-exclude-from-export to not export those
attributes before importing.

See also

Reviewed by richm, nkinder, and nhosoi

On 09/25/2009 10:49 AM, Ulf Weltman wrote:
Summary: ldif2db replaces existing modify/create name and timestamps

[Problem Description]
LDIF that is imported might contain createTimestamp, creatorsName, modifyTimestamp, or modifiersName. The import code since FDS 1.2 inserts these attributes but it should only do so if they're missing; any existing values should take precedence.

[Fix Description]
Only insert the attributes if they don't already exist in the entry.  attrlist_find() rather than slapi_entry_attr_find() is used because the latter reports attributes with empty values as being missing attributes.

[Proposed Fix]

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