On 07/24/2014 12:50 PM, Thomas Walker wrote:
On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:55:54AM -0600, Rich Megginson wrote:
1) I think you are running too many threads.  Having too many threads causes
too much thread contention, which leads to performance problems.  Did you set
nsslapd-threadnumber?  If so, try setting it to 2 times the number of cores on
your system.  If you didn't touch nsslapd-threadnumber, then it must be a bug,
because the default number is 30 (for historical reasons).
Thanks, inherited config from a predecessor.  Cranked that back down significantly.

2) Thread 1 summary:
fsync fsync ?? vslapd_log_error slapd_log_error_proc_internal
slapd_log_error_proc handle_pr_read_ready slapd_daemon main

When doing stack traces, it is best to do it with no additional error log
levels.  This fsync() in the daemon main loop is very expensive.

3) There are a lot of stack traces waiting on locks related to virtual
attribute lookups, for example:
Thread 86
?? ?? ?? ?? PR_vsmprintf slapi_ch_smprintf vattr_map_namespace_sp_getlist
slapi_vattr_namespace_values_get_sp send_specific_attrs
send_ldap_search_entry_ext send_ldap_search_entry iterate send_results_ext
op_shared_search do_search connection_dispatch_operation ?? start_thread clone
And done.

Attaching some new stacktraces with those out of the way. 

Did the above make any significant difference with respect to the performance?


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