On 10/10/2017 10:27 AM, tdarby@email.arizona.edu wrote:
When the server crashes do you get a core dump or similar? That would
really help. 
Where do I find a core dump?
First you need to make sure cores are allowed to be generated:


Where the core file gets written can vary on OS/OS config.  It is sometimes found here:



You could also just search the filesystem for "core".

Once you find it, attach gdb and get a stack trace.  See the doc above for more info on that as well.


I think the issue with the lastUpdated type is that this is a custom
element of your schema - I can't find any references to it at all in our
code base. Can you send me your schema definiton for this attribute? 
This is the entry that after I deleted it enabled the server to start up again:
dn: cn=grouperstatus, ou=People,dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu
objectClass: edsstatus
objectClass: top
cn: grouperstatus

It contains the multi-valued attributes lastUpdated and lastStarted, both strings.
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