Can you force attributes in an objectClass to be unique? I’ve been reading up on Fedora DS and although I’m fairly new to it, our product has been using it for a while. I have a situation with an objectClass like the one below where I want to ensure through the directory service that both id and uniqueField are unique attributes on the objects. Is there a way to do that in Fedora DS. We are currently using fedora-ds-1.0.2-1.RHEL4.i386.opt.rpm on Fedora core 3 but we are going to Fedora core 6 at this moment.


It looks like OpenLDAP can do this through slapo-unique overlay. Is there something comparable for Fedora DS?


objectClasses: (

  NAME ‘Customer’

  DESC ‘Customer Account’

  SUP top

  MUST ( id $ uniqueField )

  MAY ( configItemMod $ permission ) )