I'm trying to evaluate ldap2dns, but I'm having trouble loading the schema into FDS 1.1.  I used the file  http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/94ldap2dns.ldif, but the allowed attributes aren't getting populated- the objectclass is getting created.

There are no errors in the directory server log on startup, and I can see all of the attributes in the console under Configuration->schema->attributes.

So it's like the MAY line from this entry is getting ignored or thrown out:
objectClasses: (
NAME 'dnsrrset'
SUP dnszone
MUST ( objectclass $ cn )
MAY ( dnsdomainname $ dnsrr $ dnsclass $ dnstype $ dnsipaddr $ dnscipaddr $
dnscname $ dnspreference $ dnsttl $ dnstimestamp $ owner $ dnssrvpriority $
dnssrvweight $ dnssrvport )
What am I missing?