Thank you for your reply.
Yes you understood me correctly - I ment it doesn't seem like Windows Sync is intended for Linux machine login (via SSH to be precise) to "just work" with no additional work. I'm sorry that I wasn't too clear on this.
Is it so that one usually has a AD/DS setup like this:
? Just trying to get an understanding of how one usualy set up AD and DS to work together.

On 11/7/08, Rich Megginson <> wrote:
Kenneth Holter wrote:
 I'm not very into fedora/redhat direcoty server (DS), but thought I'd just drop a quick question: It doesn't seems like Windows Sync is intended for syncing  AD users to DS so that users defined on AD can be allowed to log into Linux machines.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.  Do you mean because the posix attributes are not synced, you cannot create a user in AD that is synced to Fedora DS and Linux machine login "just works" with no additional work?
It is possible to get this working, however, through a series of manual steps. So what is the intended purpose for Windows Sync, if I might ask, as it seems a lot simpler just to manage everything directly from DS without syncing with AD?
I think most people use it to sync passwords, so that you can have the same password on AD as Unix/Linux, and when you change the password on one side, that change is synced to the other side.
Kenneth Holter

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   Erling Ringen Elvsrud wrote:

       On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 3:24 PM, Rich Megginson
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           That should work.  But note that posix attributes will not
           sync to AD.  And
           even if you did manage to find a posix schema that worked
           with AD, and added
           the posix schema on the AD side, those attributes would
           not be synced to
           Fedora DS.

       Thanks for your answer.

       I start to wonder if Windows sync is worth the trouble. At my
       site we
       will probably not implement password sync as the AD-side is very
       restrictive about installing anything.

   I hear this all the time - AD admins are very touchy about
   installing anything, especially some piece of random open source
   software that's going to intercept clear text passwords and send
   them who-knows-where

       So what I get is basically a
       skeleton that I have to populate with the posixUser attributes.

       Another issue is groups in AD. I suppose those groups will become
       regular unix-groups on the directory server side,

   Yes.  But note - not posix groups (posixGroup) but plain groups

       which might not
       be enough for all policing needs (may need netgroups in addition).

       We will probably have maximum a few hundred users in the
       directory, do
       you think Windows-sync is worth the bother?
   I suggest you take a look at Penrose


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