Thanks, this was exactly what I need to know ! Thanks a lot.

2013/3/27 Paul Whitney <>
You can deploy more than four replication masters. You may have read four because that was what was tested at the time.  But I have seen deployments with more than 10 masters in replication.  Just depends on what your needs are.

Windows AD is not part of a multi-master replication.  389DS master synchs with AD.
Paul M. Whitney

Paul M. Whitney

On Mar 27, 2013, at 09:06 AM, alexandre <> wrote:

Hello everybody,

I try to put 389DS in my compagny but we have already 4 Windows Domain Controller and we want have 2 389DS server.

I know, I need a multi-master replication, but I ear about 4 multi-master replication limitation. This one inclued Windows Domain controller ?

My architecture is possible ?

Sorry for my English, I'm from France.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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