I don't think that you can use this parameter to request your user to change their password from Zimbra application .
I don't know how Zimbra manage user access but AFAIK Zimbra is php application or something like this that query ldap through binding and spécifique language ldap api. 
To do what you requested, Zimbra ldap call must be able to check user account expiration and request for change. 

i used to set this option with Unix users with Pam that queries LDAP.

Hope that could be help

Le ven. 14 déc. 2018 à 18:38, wodel youchi <wodel.youchi@gmail.com> a écrit :

We have 389DS as our main directory server, and we use it with many applications.
recently we moved our mail application to Zimbra. Zimbra can use an external LDAP server for authentication, and we did configure that and it works.

In 389DS, in password policy configuration, there is the check-box to force a user to change his password on the first login, we did try it but, without success.

Could this parameter be used to force users to change their passwords?


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