We have used directory 389 for many years having migrated forward from the iPlanet/Sun version. Back when we were on Sun we discovered that any attribute listed in an ACI where we wanted to use a wildcard had to have the attribute name in all lower case. For instance, if we wanted to reference myAttribute* when we had (myAttributeName1, myAttributeName2, etc) then in the ACI it had to be myattribute*. This holds true up through at least which is our current production.


We are now testing, hoping to move our production forward into that. We’d been having trouble with some of our processes and have discovered that in the ACIs now the wildcard problem has switched its case sensitivity. In the newer server we have to change all our wildcard attributes to myAttribute*. I haven’t checked through all our schema values to see if there will be some spec’d with all lowercase (that is not our naming policy but we need to check). I also note that if the attribute is spelled out completely then it doesn’t care about the case at all.


This seems to me to have been a bug in the old one and is a bug in the new one. Has anyone come up against this and have anything to add?


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