Hi all

I have Fedora Directory Server installed on F9 box (fedora-ds-base-1.1.3-2.fc9.x86_64). Due to sum bug i guess , i am unable to create the certificate request through  Console that is
Directory Server->Manager Certificates-> Request -> Request Certificate Manually.

In the Server Name:dhcp7-92.example.com
Organization: Example, Inc.   
City/Locality: Raleigh
State/Province: North Carolina
Country/Region: US United States

Click on Show DN and i remove all the double quotes  and my DN looks as below

CN="dhcp7-92.example.com, O=Example, Inc., L=Raleigh, ST=North Carolina, C=US

When i click on Next it says "Unable to convert DN to certificate name

So i tried with certutil command.
$cd /etc/dirsrv/slapd-dhcp7-92/
$certutil -R -s "C=US, ST=North Carolina, L=Raleigh, O=Example, Inc., CN=dhcp7-92.example.com" -o mycert.req -d .

I got the below output
certutil -s: improperly formatted name: "C=US, ST=North Carolina, L=Raleigh, O=Example, Inc., CN=dhcp7-92.pnq.redhat.com"

Now if i modify it as "certutil -R -s "C=US, ST=North Carolina, L=Raleigh, O=Example, CN=dhcp7-92.pnq.redhat.com" -o mycert.req -d ."
it works.

The same with the console i.e  If Organization title is modified from "Example, Inc. " to "Example"  it works.

So the space and period symbol in (Example, Inc.) is an issue  ?

But this doesn't happen when i create certifcate requests with openssl commands.