On 8/26/19 4:33 PM, Fernando Fuentes wrote:
Hello All,

I am using a web ui to add end delete users. When I reset or try to add a password I get:
LDAP error, server says: Constraint violation - invalid password syntax - passwords with storage scheme are not allowed

What do I need to turn on to be able to use the web ui to edit passwords?

Not familiar with LAM, but looks like its trying to add a pre-hashed password - which is not allowed.  Now you can override it by setting this attribute under cn=config:

nsslapd-allow-hashed-passwords: on

But if the LAM pre-hashed password is not in the format the server uses then authentication will not work.  This is why we only accept clear text passwords when updating userpassword.


Thanks again!

(Using LAM web ui)

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