On 07/18/2018 02:49 PM, Robert Watterson wrote:

Hi forgive the newbie question, but I've searched the 389-users archive and didn't see an answer.....

If I manage ldap entries and dirsrv server options via command line only, do I even need an admin server component?


I've been using Apache Directory Studio for my non-command line needs on a single 389 instance, seems to work out OK so far. The admin server (o=netscape) is installed and running, but I haven't been using the GUI.  I'm about to spin up two new servers and do multi-master replication and certificates/TLS.

On a production server where all content changes are done via scripts (no GUI needed) do I even need to spin up an admin server?


We won't be using Admin Express, DS Gateway, Org Chart, etc. We'll never be managing more than 3-4 production ldap servers.

Am I missing something critical by installing just the actual 389 servers and NOT the admin instance?

Nope :-)

We are actually getting rid of the admin server and moving to a web UI (Cockpit plugin) that will only "configure" server instances.  There will not be a user ldap browser like Apache DS, so it's good that you are already using Apache DS.

Since you are not using admin server then you can remove the o=netscaperoot backend.  Also you only need to run setup-ds.pl, not setup-ds-admin.pl, moving forward.


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