On 09/09/2010 08:00 AM, Kimmo Koivisto wrote:
I've run into a situation where one of the files in  /var/lib/dirsrv/<instance>/changelogdb has grown almost as large as the partition it's on.
> ...
> Has anyone else found it necessary to shrink your changelogdb?
> -Tim
Yes, I have the same problem, changelogdb is about 13Gb (I have 10000
entries in my environment, 2 node MMR) and my partition has less than
10% free space.

I have added attributes
nsslapd-changelogmaxage: 4w
nsslapd-changelogmaxentries: 5000

to cn=changelog5,cn=config  and restarted both servers.

Should it shrink now automatically or do I need to do something else?
I believe it will stay to the same file size / will not shrink although it is slowly trimmed as entries are cleared but not released.