Hi Julian,

I suggest you an alternative memory allocator (tcmalloc).

Install the "gperftools-libs" package.  Then edit /etc/sysconfig/dirsrv and add this line at the bottom:


If you are not using systemd (but you probably are), then also add: "export LD_PRELOAD"

Restart the server, and you should see a significant improvement in memory size and growth.


On 09/26/2016 04:02 AM, Julian Kippels wrote:

I have a setup with 3 Servers running on rhel7, 1 master and 2 slaves,
as described in the documentation chapter 11.2.1. Once or twice a week
the master gets killed by the OS because the system is out of memory. I
could just throw more ram at it, but the system already has 16GB of ram
and i would like to try to fix the problem without using more ressources
first. Can you give me any suggestions where to start looking? What do
you need from me to be able to help?

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