On 04/15/2011 03:43 AM, Augustine Ike wrote:
    When I perform a sync "OU" in Active Directory to "OU" Directory Server without any user in the "OU" in Directory Server, The sync completes successfully without any errors. But when I check the error log section, I see
"NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=testagreement" (192:389): Replica has no update vector. It has never been initialized.
==> I restarted dirsrv and dirsrv-admin and tried again and it gave me the same

If I create a user in 389 Directory Server and sync again "ie Same User in Active Directory" The Sync does not complete successfully. It stops with the eror message
"The consumer initialization has unsuccessfully completed. The error recieved by the replica is: '-1 Total update abortedSystem error'.

I also ensured I had the ntUser, ntGroup added and checked for schema differences. So far non has worked. I also tried instructions in these URLS

http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Howto:WindowsSync  "Not tried this yet because I can't get users to sync and it is not needed unless we want password sync"

All to no avail. I am sure it may be some thing I am overlooking but I can't find it.


2011/4/15 彭胜文 <pswen@126.com>
have error messages ?


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Good Morning All,
                          How is everyone? Hope fine? I install the 389 Directory Server and it works very well.
I am trying to update the Users by performing a Unidirectional Sync from Active Directory. After this, I
intend syncing passwords too. For now, I can't even get the sync to work. I have followed everything in
the DOCS and still no luck.
That said, the sync operation says it's successful but then the OU's remain empty. If I add an Entry in
The Directory Server and Active Directory, I get an error so I know some things is happening. Any thoughts?
Windows Sync doesn't sync "ou" entries.


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