On 05/19/2010 01:39 PM, Roland Schwingel wrote:


One last question before switching of my machine...
Is it possible that the dirsrv logfiles (access, error etc.) are written to disk with activated buffering?

When I do a tail -f on these logfiles I see a big delay in output. When I do eg. an ldapsearch from
a client the result appears immediately at the client, but it takes about 10 to 15 seconds until the tail -f
shows the search (or whatever I do). This is a bit inconvenient when debugging things.

Does this happen only to me or is this generally the case? Can this be switched off/changed?

The access log output is buffered by default.  You can turn this off by setting the "nsslapd-accesslog-logbuffering" attribute to "off" in the "cn=config" entry.

The errors log is not buffered.


Thanks for your help,

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