Could anyone help me??

I configured in the pacemaker ClusterMON but get no email. Already tested the email from the command line and all is right.

  I am sending configuration I did. What's wrong??

  I will deploy the environment this weekend and would like to deploy ClusterMon.

Anyone have any tips ???


crm configure

primitive resMON ocf:pacemaker:ClusterMon \
op monitor interval="180" timeout="20" \
params extra_options="--mail-to guanaes51@yahoo.com.br --mail-host smtp.xxxxx.xx"

clone ClusterMon-clone resMON


root     15811     1  0 16:34 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/crm_mon -p /tmp/ClusterMon_resMON.pid -d -i 15 --mail-to guanaes51@yahoo.com.br --mail-host smtp.xxxx.xx -h /tmp/ClusterMon_resMON.html