Existing entries are not added automatically when enabling the plugin, you have to either run the fixup-memberof.pl script (if it works for you - it never did anything for us), or you have to make a change to each pre-existing user to trigger the memberOf updating. The easiest way to do that is to simply create a group and add everyone to it, then remove it (unless of course you actually have a use for said group). If you already have a group with everyone in it, you can probably create a new group, and add that group as a member of the new group. 

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 12:33 AM, Lars Remes <Lars.Remes@symbio.com> wrote:
I'm not sure if existing entries are added automatically when you enable the plugin.
I would assume so, but in any case at any time you can run the fix-up task that will sync the attributes.
You can define the scope for the task using a filter, for example, fix only ou=orgunit,ou=People,... branch of the DIT.

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> > We are using the memberOf plugin in a global, multi-master-multi-slave
> setup, and so far we have not encountered any major issues.
> >
> > You can easily change the membership attribute, for example, to
> memberUid.
> > MMR is handled by not replicating the memberOf attribute between
> masters, but the attribute IS copied to slaves. Each master runs own instance
> of the plugin.
> >
> > Sometimes you may need to manual launch the fix-up task, but that has
> been quite rare.
> > If necessary, you can schedule it to run periodically.
> How does it work for already existing entries if I enable the plugin? Do
> I need add them "manually" or does the plugin add them automatically?
> Naturally I will test this well before changing production, but just
> interested what it takes to start using it.
> Thanks for replying!
> -Vesa
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