Hi again all,

Managed to get myself to a  pretty good place with my configuration, but would appreciate another pointer from yourselves.

Currently I have the system up and running with two servers (master1 and master2) in a 2-way multi-master replication mode.

Master1 also has a Windows Synchronisation Agreement with adserver1, which is also working, however it is working in a two-way mode, propagating changes made on the Fedora Directory back to Active Directory.

Unfortunately, our current strategy is to have Active Directory as the single Directory for user management so as to make our Service Desk more efficient. We also have a policy of removing all single points of failure from within our enterprise, therefore I was looking at having two windows sync agreements from two Fedora Master servers to two different members of the same Active Directory.

The two Fedora Servers would also obviously need to be in sync (hence the multi-master setup) but probably with a number of read-only consumer servers dotted around the globe.

The question, therefore, is what would be the best way in terms of replication design, to achieve this objective?

Basically, I want to achieve the following:

AD2 -> FD2 <-> FD1 <- AD1
            / |              |\
          /   |              |  \        
        V   V             V  V
    FD3   FD4     FD5  FD6

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provde.



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