Hi all,

I have a customer which have installed 389-ds-base- on his server. 
This server is acting as a HUB, cascading replications from the master to the slave servers.
The issue is the fact of this server dies some times during a day. I look to the error log and see messages like this "pagedresults_parse_control_value: invalid cookie: -1" nothing relevant before it, and after it, I see that message when the server was started up.

In my research on the internet, I've found this bug [1], which was already corrected.
So my question right now is: Which version, exactly, this bug was corrected? In the webpage, it's say version 1.2.11, but how can I know if the version I'm using have this bug corrected? 

Thanks in advance.

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/389/changeset/b2ee65dd6c4af4f2cab515406a6f7fd9f1dc4dcc/