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Iíve mostly completed automated deployment of a 389ds cluster via Ansible. The final piece of the puzzle is the enablement of SSL/TLS for the Admin server. †From what I understand, I should be able to use the sec-activate tool to do this;

/usr/lib64/dirsrv/cgi-bin/sec-activate /etc/dirsrv/admin-serv on

What I canít figure out is how to authenticate. When I run this, it prompts me repeatedly for ňnter Admin Server Administrator password:Ē. I have tried both the RootDN and ConfigDirectoryAdminPwd passwords, but neither seem to work.

Can anyone suggest whatís going on here & how I might get past it?

I have never used, or heard of anyone using, sec-activate to enable SSL in the admin server.† I suggest following the official documentation on setting this up using certutil and a password/pin file:






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