That's pretty much the steps I follow to completely remove
a 389 DS installation.

I presume your "existing scripts" attempt to recreate your DIT. Do they
produce any error messages?

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Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 3:51:28 PM
Subject: [389-users] Erasing and rewriting 389

Hi Laposte experts (French national mailing delivery)!

I'm trying some experiments some simple things on 389 ds.
I've an existing 389 installation, with some users, groups and acls (on fedora 21), and I'm trying to uninstall, erase my existing ldap to reinstall it.

So my script is:
* service stop (dirsrv@myldap, dirsrv-admin)
* yum uninstall 389-*
* rm -rf /**dirsrv*/**
* then reinstalling with my existing script.

As it looks like a nice thing, it seems that there's a catch: my dc=tld,dc=dn subgroups are not created.

Is there something somewhere that I should be aware to be able to remove everything?

​Best regards,

Charlie Mordant

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