Can Fedora Directory Server be used for :

1) to provide enterprise-wide identity for employees ?

2) can this be integrated into Access Cards - Flash / Swipe

3) can this be integrated into EPABX

4) can we replace Windows Active Directory PDC which is authentifying my windows and *NIX workstations by Samba PDC using Fedora Directory Server.

5) Can my Cisco PIX, Squid Proxy, IPSec / SSL-VPN or any other Application (Apache, Zimbra, Subversion, Jive-WildeFire IM , etc which can talk to Active Directory and OpenLDAP for authentification) be configured to get user autentification from Fedora Directory Server

6) SSO ? Can I integrate Fedora Directory Server to my windows and *NIX workstation logons? will it result into, the email client MS Outlook 200x , Mozilla ThunderBird 1.x, Kontact 1.2.x, my browsers (IE 5.x & above, Mozilla Firefox 1.x) get authenticated automagically and will serve what they are intented to ie, send / receive emails, browse internet, etc without asking the user to key in his/her email id, email password etc

Please clarify my doubts

Thanks & Regards

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