That’s my customary mode of operation, as a Java based X11 Window application does not perform well over a VPN connection here.  In the several years I’ve been running this application (both HP-UX and now Linux/CentOS6,) I don’t recall seeing anything like this.


Are you absolutely sure that your connection strings are proper, and connecting to the right configuration server?  Might be time to increase your logging for more detail.


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2016-09-27 22:33 GMT+01:00 wodel youchi <>:


I am using 389DS on Centos7 x64

[root@idm01 ~]# rpm -qa | grep 389

A week ago I started having a weird problem using the 389DS's java management console remotely.

If I connect locally with the console, I get the two entries of the directory server under server group :

- Administration server

- Directory server

But when I use the console from another machine, a Windows machine with the management console installed on it, I get only the "Administration server" entry.

So I cannot access the directory server to modify entries.

I am using the 'Directoy Manager' to login to the console.

I didn't find anything special on the error and access logs from neither the admin server no from the directory server.

any idea where to search.



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