On 12/01/2010 06:57 AM, Hugo Etievant wrote:

I am working on a migration of LDAP server from an old Fedora-Directory/1.1.3 (B2008.269.213, OS : Fedora 8) to lastest 389-Directory/ (B2010.272.2313, OS : CentOS 5.5).
There is a migration script - migrate-ds-admin.pl (or just migrate-ds.pl if you don't care about console, admin server, etc.)

My actual architecture use Multi Master Replication protocol (2 nodes) for data and configuration, Windows synchronization (with 1 Active Directory) and some password policies.
For my data, i have 1 database (userRoot) with one suffix (dc=myOrg,dc=myTLD).

List of possible strategies :
- choice 1 (server level) : applying patches until geting the last version (i think it is not a good idea and my obsolete OS cannot be upgraded for external reasons, i will start from scratch on latest CentOS) ?
- choice 2 (database level) : backuping up previous databases userRoot and netscapeRoot and restoring them into new installed architecture (but i think perhaps config database schema has changed between 1.1.3 and server versions) ?
- choice 3 (data level) : exporting data in LDIF file (without configuration and no assurance into operationals attributes export) and importing it in new installed architecture after configuring it ?

my favorit LDAP tool (Apache Directory Studio) help me to export data with operationals attributes, this request :
# baseObject   : ou=myOrgUnit,dc=myOrg, dc=myTLD
# filter       : (objectClass=*)
# attributes   : * accountUnlockTime aci copiedFrom copyingFrom createTimestamp creatorsName dncomp entrydn entryid hasSubordinates ldapSchemas ldapSyntaxes modifiersName modifyTimestamp nsAccountLock nsAIMStatusGraphic nsAIMStatusText nsBackendSuffix nscpEntryDN nsds5ReplConflict nsICQStatusGraphic nsICQStatusText nsIdleTimeout nsLookThroughLimit nsRole nsRoleDN nsSchemaCSN nsSizeLimit nsTimeLimit nsUniqueId nsYIMStatusGraphic nsYIMStatusText numSubordinates parentid passwordAllowChangeTime passwordExpirationTime passwordExpWarned passwordGraceUserTime passwordHistory passwordRetryCount pwdExpirationWarned pwdGraceUserTime pwdHistory pwdpolicysubentry retryCountResetTime subschemaSubentry

but i am not sure that no op attrs are missed...

What can you advise me?


Hugo Étiévant

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