Question 1, in the script, the list of RUVs is retrieved like so:

    $ruv = $conn->search($replicaroot, "one",
               0, qw(nsds50ruv nsruvReplicaLastModified nsds5AgmtMaxCSN));

So the RUV entry of the database is just a special entry, and the short story is that this is the only way to search for it.

Well, curiously I can do it like this:

attrs="nsds50ruv nsruvReplicaLastModified nsds5AgmtMaxCSN"
ldapsearch -xLLL -h $HOST -D "cn=directory manager” -W -b cn=config cn=replica $attrs -o ldif-wrap=no

Is that not a correct way to search for RUVs (both local and agreements’)? I get the same results as in the code

The Last Modify Time column in the report has 1/1/1970 for a consumer. What could be the reason for that?
Maybe that replica/consumer was never directly updated?  That value comes from the database ruv maxcsn.

Ok, I don’t think that’s a concern right now.

One final question…

When I connect to any of the masters with a graphical LDAP browser (JXplorer for example), I can’t find all the RUV information. But ldapsearch can do it no problem. Why?