Thanks for the reply as I mentioned in my previous email I assumed that when I created the sub suffix database for dc=b,dc=example,dc=com it would automaticly add the dn to the database but it doesn't so I manualy added it and it works now.

For clarity that step should be added to the documentation.
The way I figured it out is I just tried to add a new subdomain without adding a sub suffix and I got a warning message saying I may wan to add the sub suffix first

On Jul 27, 2012 8:50 PM, "Noriko Hosoi" <> wrote:
Paul Robert Marino wrote:
Hello every one

I have a strange problem Im trying to use 389 server in a large
organization and i have to break the directory into several sub
suffixes or root suffixes.
there is the scenario
I work for Large company A
Large company A owns
1) subsidiary b
2)  subsidiary c
3) subsidiary d

Large company A uses domain
  subsidiary b uses domain
subsidiary c uses domain
subsidiary d uses domain

I would like to separate each of the subsidiaries into their own sub
suffix partially because of security reasons also to minimize unneeded
replication for local read only slaves at the subsidiary sites, and I
would also like the administrator at each subsidiary to have the
option of manage their own users or having the administrators at the
parent company do it for them.

now creating the sub suffix with its own database is fairly well
documented  and works well with ou's but doesn't seem to work with
if i create the new suffix as a dc and go into the users and groups in
the console and try to add a user to the new dc it wont let me. if i
use the Users drop down menu and try to change directory and set the
base to the new dc (e.g. dc=b,dc=example,dc=com) it tells me the dc
isn't valid

I also tried creating a root suffix and ran into the same problem so
what am i missing?
Is there some initial database population step I didn't see in the
documentation or do i need to setup some ACIs or what?
There should not be any problem to create sub suffix starting with "dc".
$ ldapsearch -LLLx  [...]  -b "dc=example,dc=com" dn
dn: dc=example,dc=com
dn: dc=B,dc=example,dc=com
dn: dc=C,dc=example,dc=com
dn: dc=D,dc=example,dc=com

I put dc=B in Broot, dc=C in Croot, and dc=D in Droot.
$ ls /var/lib/dirsrv/slapd-ID/db
Broot/    DBVERSION  NetscapeRoot/  __db.002  __db.004  __db.006       userRoot/
Croot/    Droot/       __db.001      __db.003  __db.005 log.0000000001

Do you see any errors in the error log?

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