I once tried to tunnel and LDAP connection over SSH. I needed this because my admin server on public internet  was attempting to redirect me to an internal IP address. Technically it should work but I could not make it.

One of the issues, that may come up for you, is that the replication agreements are going to be awkward because of tunnel names. localhost:389 etc.

I would suggest going the VPN route or just replicating over LDAPS. Same result more logical setup.


On 4/30/07, Dave Augustus <davea@support.kcm.org> wrote:
Currently, I have 2 FDS in production in Multimaster mode. I want to
bring 2 more up as well and put them at a remote site so eventually they
will replicate via WAN. Then I will have 2 sets of my data- one at each

So I plan to bring up 2 new servers in MMR mode with the first 2
servers. Once they are synced up I would then move the new ones to the
remote site and use SSH tunnels to re-establish the replication

Can someone chime in on the viability of this?

Is this possible?

What are the steps? I have looked and have not found anything yet.

Any help appreciated.


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