As per RHES doc:
"Even if the replication agreements are configured to keep the supplier and consumer servers always in sync, it is not sufficient to bring back up-to-date a server that has been offline for over five minutes. The Always Keep in Sync option means that the server generates a replication operation for every update operation it processes. However, if this replication operation cannot be performed because the consumer is offline, the operation times out after 10 minutes.
11.15.2. Forcing Replication Updates from the Command Line
From the consumer that requires updating, run a script that prompts the supplier to send replication updates immediately. This script is shown in Example 11.5, “replicate_now Script Example”.
Copy this example script and name it something like Substitute the actual values for the variables listed in Example 11.5, “replicate_now Script Example”.


This script must be run manually since it cannot be configured to run automatically as soon as the server, which was offline, comes back online again."''

On 11/12/2014 09:54 AM, ghiureai wrote:
Hi LIst,
I'm new to 389-ds  admin , I have cfg a multimaster replication system , and read the RHES -DS documentation  find the replicate_now script which is suppose to trigger master rep updates < 10 min, the script fails , there is no option for -1 in ldapsearch ...etc
Wodner if any of you have an update script , I 'm running 389-ds on CentoS 6.5 .

Thank you