Hi Rahul,

 i really appreciate u r feedback and yes my concern is to make the lugs aware of these virtual meets so that they can have a spontaneous interaction  like the one we ambassadors follow.
#fedora-india will be a great platform to have virtual meets. Currently i am propogating these messages(about virtual meet) to the lugs world wide via mailing-lists and  will be  proceeding as per their response to this initiative of ours.

And yes it definately sounds good :)

On 3/10/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
puneet batura wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just wanted to have u r valuable feedback on a thought regarding:
>Since we all are associated with Linux Users Group in one way or the other
>hence we can have local LUGS meeting scheduled on the IRCs ( thats what i
>have named as virtual meet!) and can invite other countries fedora
>ambassadors to those virtual meets to spread Fedora there like a guest
>speaker. So everytime there's a new fedora ambassador(key attraction)
>joining in to give his/her valuable views . I think that will make LUGS more
>functional and we can reach more and more people with the word FEDORA at
>Waiting for your valuable feedbacks.....
How many LUG's do you know that has any regular IRC meetings or IRC
channels even?. The mailing list traffic in the LUG's seem to be much
more dominant compared to the usually idle small talk in the IRC
channels that do exist. It's worth trying though and we can ask the
Fedora people to have a IRC session with FAQ similar to the ones that we
had already earlier
Alternatively if the talk is for India LUG members, they can login into

If you are part a LUG that would be interested in this, we can discuss
the timings and we can have a virtual meet in #fedora-India or any LUG
IRC channel of your choice. I  (along with possibly other Fedora
contributors) can talk about Fedora in general or Fedora Core 5 followed
by a Q&A session.  Does that sound good?


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