Hi Ambassadors,

Maybe this has been raised before but I would like to raise the question of overall goals, metrics and accountability in relation to the success of this Fedora project.

Perhaps we could open the discussion around overall strategy for the project in regards to adoption (what we want to achieve? by when? how?), maybe we could look at some numbers and agree on tactical activities which are directly impacting those?

Run it like a business meeting? 

This is what I can do to contribute on a tangible manner to that goal.

Also there must be a way to measure success. Are we tracking regional downloads to know if our efforts as ambassadors are having a measurable impact?

The closest I´ve seen around this is an email from Matthew on event strategy. But (myself at least) I see events as only a tactical activity, what about PR work? technology partnerships? (docker) academic adoption? (charitable ICT work?) training programs? (free course on linux?)

And maybe could we suggest 1 monthly (biweekly at most) meeting via video call in addition to the IRC meetings. Maybe an idea to make things more engaging for new ambassadors?

Thanks for your feedback.


Cesar Pinto
+47 481 20 772