Dear *,
First of all, I want to wish you an Happy New Year for 2007. 
Let this one be rich in successes in your private and professional life.  

Concerning the event, I have sent invitations to Red Hat developpers I met last year and I suggested them to register their names if they plan on visiting FOSDEM on the corresponding wiki page. 
In addition, I let them know that we were looking for speakers.   
I am also going to do my best in order to have someone from OLPC. 
See you soon.
On 1/1/07, Chitlesh GOORAH <> wrote:
Some updates :)

== Schedule deadline ==

The deadline for sending FOSDEM's our devroom schedule is *Sat 3rd
February* That gives them a week to hack all the data into thei's CMS
and possibly make some adjustments afterwards.

Please understand that FOSDEM has to encode all the data and that
they'd like to have all the information available on the website for
visitors 2-3 weeks before the event.

ChitleshGoorah will send the schedule on Fri 1st February by email, as
plain text.

For each talk/activity in our devroom, FOSDEM need the following information:
* at what time the talk starts and when it ends (or the duration)
* the title of the talk/activity
* an abstract (1-2 lines that shortly explain the topic)
* a somewhat longer description (as long as you wish)
* optional: some HTTP links (related links, project website, blog, ...)
* SPEAKER(S) (obviously, for each speaker):
* the full name of the speaker(s)
* if possible and if the speakers don't mind, also send us their
email address (it will _not_ be disclosed and only _possibly_ used by
us, e.g. to ask for the slides or such)
* an abstract for the speaker (e.g. "Homer Simpson is the lead
developer on the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant project and
contributes to a few other FOSS projects such as Futurama and
* a somewhat longer bio of the speaker
* optional: a photo or a link to a photo
* optional: some HTTP links (website, blog, ...)

Examples for abstract/description of talks:

Examples for abstract/bio/links of speakers:

Thanks for your cooperation  ;)

== Hardware Insurance ==

As past years, Fosdem will provide a hardware insurance (which is free
of cost for us) for all the hardware you will bring along.

That insurance for Fedora Speakers and Fedora Personnals at the Booth
- - is free of charge
- - is intended in our devroom (but not for the 4000+ visitors ;))

For every device you bring along and that you want to be covered by
their insurance, you must send us the following data:
* vendor/model
* the name and email address of the owner
* the type of device (notebook, network switch, PDA, ...)
* the vendor and name of the device ( e.g. Dell Latitude D800)
* serial number or other unique identifier that is visible on the device
* estimation of its current value, in EUR

Note that FOSDEM's insurance will only cover the hardware for which
they've received the information as above *before Mon 19 Feb*. Please
hand over these data to ChitleshGoorah as soon as possible.

You are welcome to add your data/information to the wiki

Happy New Year,

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