Yes, this is true. Specially because many times is easier to take a Thursday or a Friday off than a Monday/Tuesday.  But maybe we can find a day that fits everyone or almost everyone?  Or make some room in Sunday?



On 24/10/16 20:13, Fabio Alessandro Locati wrote:
On Oct 20, 2016, at 2:51 AM, Gerold <gerold@lugd.org> wrote:
 Most of the responsible and involved Ambassadors are at FOSDEM (anyway).
 Why don't we spend the friday in front of FOSDEM for our annual Budget FAD
 (for EMEA Ambassadors) having a social event (called beer event from
 FOSDEM) and have one strong day to discuss, argue and point out what to
 do, who and when.

I'm sure that adding 1/2 days to FOSDEM will allow us to greatly reduce
expenses, but I belive many people will not be available (I'm probably
in this list).
In the "normal" FAD, only a weekend is used, so no affect on the working
week would be present, while adding days to a weekend event such as
FOSDEM will mean that people will need to take days off work/school and
this could be harder and/or more expensive for some people.


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