Hi guys

in few hours FUDCon Milan will start officially! All the information you need are on the wiki [1] or on the website [2], but if you're in Italy and you don't have an internet connection (or a "cheap" internet connection ;-) you can download and keep a printed copy of our booklet always with you:


Tomorrow night, for who is already in Milan, we'll see each other for some drinks in "Yguana cafe". Some of the Italian fedora ambassadors will be in the UNA Hotel Mediterraneo around 17.30 and in "Duomo" at 18.00 (on the steps of the Cathedral, the most easy place to reach in Milan) to pickup everyone and go to the cafe together (it's 10 minutes wolk from the Cathedral)

Be ready to enjoy a really exciting weekend! :-)
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Milan_2011
[2] http://fudcon.fedoraproject.org/