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On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Viji V Nair  wrote:

Will do that in any case, you should at-least consider to give some
exceptions of thase kind of "rules" in countries like India at-least
where the promotional stuffs are much less.

Like I said, there are no general rules.  If I am a mentor and I know you personally,

Then to make the process smoother, assign a mentor for every country, then it is ok.
The country mentors can recommend the newly join member(coz it is easy to evaluate those people if they are in same country) and then the regional mentor can approve the entry after examine the person may be through a week by considering his work and so on.
Hope this would work well any comments???????

How can we make a proposal to FAmSCo????
please tell me

I can sponsor you immediately.  If I a mentor who hasn't heard about you, I will want to make sure that you are active within the community before sponsoring you.  It is just a personal comfort level.  What we are trying to encourage is people who sign up for a role, take it seriously and be dedicated enough.  This comes from the past experience, where a few people sign up for a title and an email alias and don't understand the project to be a good ambassador.   Of course, we will continue to calibrate the process as we go forward. 


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