On 1/9/06, Tejas Dinkar <tejasdinkar@gmail.com> wrote:
Many of the Ambassadors on this list will want to distribute FC5 CDs on
the day of release at various events.

Is there any way that a special mirror can be opened for the Ambassadors
say 2-3 days early, so that we have time to download the ISOs and have
time to burn CDs, so that we can distribute them?

Just a passing thought


Hi Tejas,

It's of course nice if an Ambassadors can get FC5 earlier, but, how many times does it happen that you need FC5 exactly on the release date? And is it really important for spreading Fedora - the goal of being an Ambassador ?

(The following is not directly related to Tejas' message, but it are just my thoughts) We should watch out that we don't become a special "privileged" group. Ambassadors are normal people. I don't think we should be able to get FC5 earlier, just for our own fun. It is in the interest of the "image" (if that's the right word) of the Ambassadors and The Fedora Project.

- Thijs

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