Well to be honest Ive been promoting Fedora on my college mainly, but I want to remain an Ambassador, is it possible to be on both groups? Also I use regular media to promote Fedora and trice a year (summer, easter, winter holidays) I give away 10 Fedora dvds (total of 30 dvds) and support every free time i get.

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> 2010/2/26 Joe O'Dell <joseph.odell@googlemail.com>:
> > First off, thank you very much for creating this! :)
> > As a student, I would be very interested in joining
> this - However, I am in
> > a UK Secondary School (I think its an equivelant of a
> US High School), so
> > talks every month would perhaps be a little hard to
> manage. Yes, I could
> > give a presentation to the Board of Governors and the
> IT department, but a
> > school-wide one is impossible :(
> > I shall get around to applying tomorrow (well, today,
> as it is 00:32 in
> > England!).
> > Thank you once again Bert!
> Hey Joe,
> I think the goal is one tech talk per semester, not each
> month. And it
> doesn't need to be to the whole school. Could be to a club
> or during a
> class or whatever.
> Attend some meetings and I'm sure Bert and others will
> have
> suggestions. Everything is flexible. :)
> John

I personally think that campus ambassador is a really cool and *healthy* activity for Fedora. Well session time and place is not something to worry about as i assume campus ambassador can present fedora anywhere *in*

Aamir Aijaz Bhutto