So long mails are back in fashion. Yupiii!

Ambassador guidance
I read the hole thread and I want to stress the points made by other new ambassadors that posted replies: New ambassadors need guidance! 3 weeks ago, as a newly accepted ambassador I feel the need to get a starting point. This is why I started As of today little progress has been achieved due to lack of contribution from people who have the knowledge or experience to make such contribution. As my knowledge of Fedora community I'll complete the project so new ambassadors will have at least some point of reference.

About mentor and sponsor.
I am yet to understand the difference between mentor and sponsor and I'm sure this might be confusing to other new ambassadors as well.  I'm going to reffer for now to a "mentor" as somebody that will help/guide/point me as a new ambassador in the right direction.
I understand that the workload involved in mentoring might be overwhelming but I would have liked (still am) to know that X is my mentor and I can ask him what I need to know. Without this help I'm left wondering the wiki labyrinth. I undestand that there are people that can get theyr compass on their own. Good for them. I need a mentor. I would liked as a newly accepted ambassador to get the "Welcome mail" (the one I myself get from Jorg -thank you Jorg - for example) with 2 links:
- "Quick guide for ambassadors"
- "Apply for a mentor" where, after I read the basics, I can ASK to be assigned to a mentor*.
By making such an application for a mentor the new ambassador will be more likely to understand the rules and implications of such a relation.

Ambassadors standard - measurement and control
Let me make myself into a case study. I became an Fedora ambassador 2 days after I instaled linux for the first time on a computer. I have no technical studies or background and no thing but a general idea of Open Source. Yet I'v been accepted as ambassador (for you to judge if this was a mistake for Fedora community as I know now that I can contribute without such technical knoledge).
I think the question to be asked is: "Am I now a good ambassador?" There is no measurement sistem to determine that. There is no one to held me accontable so I can sit on my ass and replay now and then "me too" endless mails.
I'm willing (and I think this is how it should be) to send once o month (or every 2 months or... to be decided) a activity report (to Famsco or to my mentor or on my wiki page). If I miss 3 raports in a row I be degraded from ambassador status or put on probation or shoot or something.
Hereby is my first rapport:
e1luca ambassadors activities (example)
new installs:                                  0
public apearences:                       0
media appearences:                     0
private meetings(Fedora subject)  2
blogposts                                     5
other Fedora related                     2
  details: Quick guide, Fedora interviews
Now, knowing what I'm doing famsco might have a clearer understanding of what the results of Fedora Ambassadors really are (see next point).

Ambassadors standard - measurement and control (II)
I would like to see somewere "Fedora ambassadors anual report". For this we need clear goals, measurement systems and structure. Even with 300 inactive ambassadors there are still 400 people in our organisation. This is a lot of manpower. We should be able to get some measurable results from such a force. (wars and revolution have been started with less!)

Ewan Luca,
Fedora Ambassador