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I have read and I think I understand, but I will re-read again to make sure points are understood in order to convey with others.  :)

> Fifth: WHAT I NEED.
> I previously mentioned the remaining budget for the rest of the year, and the need to estimate what is yet to be spent, what is needed, etc., as well as the amount currently set vs. possible expansion of the budget.
> To that end, I have put together a wiki page of a Draft/Projected FY13 budget here, in an effort to project what we may or may not be missing:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Accounting/DraftFY13
> Please note that this wiki page is FULL of detail. I've started outlining what has already been spent in Q2 (again, still getting some of this detail together), as well as including some of the items that have been approved in various regions for this quarter, outstandin g reimbursements, etc. For Q3 and Q4 (August - February), I have looked to the summaries of past years and events in those years, to come up with a "reasonable guess" of what we might spend, by quarter.
> What I need is the following:
> * If there are any outstanding, unpaid reimbursements not already accounted for in this list. This includes FUDCon reimbursements, which I have not even begun to sort through.
> * Obvious events which we regularly attend that are not present on this list.
> * Estimates for shipping in various regions
> * Release parties - no idea how many we do, need a round number here
> * If people have already requested budget for a FAD from CommArch that has not yet occurred

Robyn, by when do you need feedback and other wiki updates to the Draft/Projected FY 13 by?  :)

Lastly, your referenced e-mail is on my next meeting's agenda for Saturday, August 04th if that is "not" too late to provid e more data points.  :)

Sending positive Fedora 16 & 17 to your computers now.  :v)

Please have a Great Fedora day and/or evening! :~)

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