Hi Gerold,

I think its a great idea to have a ambassadors meeting face to face. According to me that will encourage us all to contribute and finally we will be meeting with people having familiar interests atleast one ( OPEN SOURCE) . So yes u got my vote on that....... ;)


On 2/24/06, Gerold Kassube <gerold@lugd.org> wrote:
Hi all,

in the meeting today I brought in the idea for an "only Fedora
Ambassadors meeting" ...

We are always doing presentations for Fedora, we're always "on the run"
on presentations, in meetings everywhere ...

But ...

... fromeach other we only know the name, sometimes a photo (somewhere
seen in the web) but there is no time for us to have a meeting only for
us; discussing all things which are laying on our tongue.

Meetings in IRC are nice things but, there is not alway time to discuss
really, no real life meeting can be replaced by IRC or mailing list.

So let's plan an AMBASSADORS Meeting!

What do you think about????

Somebody talked about money?! Why? I spend my money for traveling in
Europe and for one or two nights in a hotel if I get the possibility to
meet for example all EMEA Ambassadors somewhere on the continent

OK, I think, a Ambassadors meeting must be a continental plan. One
Meeting in NA, one in APAC and one in EMEA ...

tell me your ideas and let's have a look if it makes sense to speed up
this idea!



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