Dear ambassadors,
Yes I am very late in publishing this report, I apologize. However, as it is important to back our operations I do it anyway.

Then JM2L (Journées Méditerranéennes des Logiciels libres) is place every year in late November by Linux Azur association.
For me, it was my first event that is not installed party related to Free Software, and I was invited as President a local club (Club for CILL ISEN, about Free Software). In particular to discuss organizing the RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales des Logiciels Libres), in South of France.

However I took the opportunity to promote Fedora and the Project as a together. Already because my club was in charge of the party to install the event was therefore installed Fedora we presented to
Users who want to know what the right thing. In stand I spoke with a few Fedora users, some were even excited about our distribution (I had interesting return to use PulseAudio in particular and he thanked Fedora just for that).

Then thanks to this event
I have started to let me know, people the neighborhood know I'm promoting Fedora in the region and I can talk to them or help them.
In short, a good atmosphere and it was a rewarding experience. Material side we got some donations for a T-shirt and 15 CDs.

I also spoke with the organization for next year (well, in November this year) if I could make possible a conference on Fedora, I restarted the discussion and the organizers have no cons.

The report in Wiki :

Charles-Antoine Couret