Agree with you Robert, because of that, we are looking for the decision on Council side.

El lun., 30 de ene. de 2017 a la(s) 10:02, alejandro perez <> escribió:
Thanks. Robert good points.

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Fecha: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 07:52:04 +0100
Asunto: [Ambassadors] Re: Fudcon bids election
De: Robert Mayr <>

Il 30/gen/2017 03:49 AM, "William Moreno" <> ha scritto:

El 29/1/2017 7:11 p. m., "Itamar Reis Peixoto" <> escribió:
> 23:27:45 <juon> +1 to Brasil
> FAS ??? Not counted
> Votation was closed
> 00:07:36 <rigobersol> brasil +1
> fas rigobersol cla_fpca OK

Neville, I am sorry but Panamá didn't won the voting because rigobersol and Juon vote was not counted for Brazil, anyway I don't think repeating a FUDCon in Panamá is better for the Project instead of having a FUDCon in Paraguay that never received one,

Can you provide us the Juon fas information?, we request people who attendees the meeting to identify they selves with .fas FASUSERNAME , also most people in the meeting have theirs nicks registered in freenode so you can trust in the identity of the person begin the Nick, with rigobersol vote there is a draw, anyway we need to wait the council opinion.

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Well I think we/you are going in the wrong direction, it seems to me you are fighting one against the other when you have the same goal at the end.
I saw the bids just a few days ago and am surprised you already voted, because the bids have both pros and cons.
I would consider instead to extend the deadline (remember we don't have a budget yet set) and try to find more arguments why the FUDCon should be in Panama or in Brazil. People should not vote just for winning a bit, they should vote having enough informations about the bids.
Organizing a FUDCon is not simple and you need a lot of people and a good strategy to be successful.
So please, before you fight within your region about valid or invalid votes, think about the final goal and extend your deadline a bit. If you like I'm sure jkurik can setup a voting session, although the Region's proposals to the Council never needed that.
My two cents.
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