I understand all the concerns of Red Hat Inc about people being misled by the use of a Fedora.

The reason why I started this thread (and discussion in the LATAM meeting), is because I think exactly the opposite. If we, people representing Fedora, (let's say Ambassadors) wear a blue Fedora, I can't think what would be more clear that we represent FEDORA, and not red Fedora, Red Hat or any other project.

Some people have argued that Fedora is not a hat, it's a project. But if our project's name is the name of a hat, why not using it to represent it? In Brazilian Portuguese, the word Fedora sometimes is linked to an unpleasant word (due ortographic similarity) and I'm always led to explain Fedora is a kind of hat, not simply a made up word.

The use of a hat would instantly make it clear for some people. Besides, several Red Hat employees happen to wear the Red Hat while representing Fedora or when they're representing both Red Hat and Fedora.

Someone in #fedora-ambassadors mentioned a guy who would give a talk and wear the Red Hat while speaking of RHEL/Red Hat Inc and take it off while speaking of Fedora/Fedora Project. I can't see where would be the issue of wearing a blue hat instead of nothing. It makes clear they're different, separated and so on.

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2013/6/21 Ruben Guerra Marin <rugebiker@fedoraproject.org>
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On the LATAM meeting where this was discussed, people said that it
would be nice to have like an official blue fedora hat. We don't
really want the red hat, but the blue fedora hat. Most of us said that
it is kind of strange that our distro name is Fedora but we never
represent it as a Fedora hat. So we thought it would be nice to be
able to wear a blue Fedora hat (:
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