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I don't have handy a better link (the talks happened years ago) than

The is, we were kindly asked by Red Hat not to use any hats (or fedoras)
so we don't confuse the audience and don't dilute any trademark.

If I am reading this right, it sounds like it is talking about not using the little blue fedora hat icon, or a blue tinted Shadowman(tm) for anything on Fedora, ex. packages.
It doesn't talk about an Ambassador wearing an actual blue fedora for events, on your person...
Or was that also discussed in these talks that happened years ago?

The OP was talking about Ambassadors wearing actual blue fedora hats, not about logos on packages or etc.

I myself have a RedHat(tm) red fedora, which I wear to many Linux events, it helps people to recognize me as a Linux user.  I am not a RedHat employee (and I don't claim to be) though just an Ambassador.  I have often considered a nice blue fedora to wear to these events.

As long as we don't infringe the trademark Shadowman logo, or tell people we are officially affiliated with RedHat (unless an Ambassador is an employee, but still wanting to keep Fedora its own entity), is there a problem wearing a red or blue fedora to Linux events?  It isn't as though they have a trademark on a person wearing a fedora in real life, just the Shadowman logo and the name "RedHat".
If I am off track just let me know... :)

Oh and slightly off topic, if one is new to wearing a fedora, and chooses to wear one (for any case not just the matter at hand), please make sure the front rim is aimed down... it irks me to no end to see people wearing fedoras with the front rim popped up... its not a disco collar!  For reference please see pictures of Humphrey Bogart or Dick Tracy.  Thank you.  </OT>

Matt M.