I can help too if required.

On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 3:34 AM, Jona Azizaj <jonaazizaj@gmail.com> wrote:
Count me in :) I'd like to help with the Distributions Devroom.


On 11/03/2017 02:30 PM, Brian Exelbierd wrote:
> A flash of lightning and *boom* this thread is back.
> <Now with more top posting>
> Aleksandra, is coordinating the FOSDEM event something you're interested
> in?  I'll be there with the Distributions Devroom and would be happy to
> help out.  It'd be great if some folks in Fedora want to help with the
> devroom so I can go to lunch/toilet/etc :)
> regards,
> bex
> On Thu, Sep 28, 2017, at 10:44 AM, Aleksandra Fedorova wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 5:29 PM, Brian Exelbierd <bex@pobox.com> wrote:
>>> This is great, however I don't want there to not be a badge.  The badge
>>> gives us some data value in fedmsg, so let's keep it but not push it
>>> heavily.
>> I am not against the badge, it is a nice feature, but just let's not
>> make it look like if someone has not registered for badge or Fedora
>> Account, that we don't want to talk to him.
>> If you start the conversation with "Sign in!" it kinda looks scary.
>>>> Usually there are quite a lot of Fedorians at FOSDEM, I think we can
>>>> make it easier to join the booth, if we will be more open about
>>>> joining. For example let's have a schedule printed at the booth and
>>>> let people randomly running around to sign on sight for particular
>>>> time slots - hour or two of booth work. I think it would be nice
>>>> experience for some of those Fedora users, who don't have time or
>>>> desire to commit to the entire event. Let them sign for just a
>>>> particular hour - it would be easier for them to participate, it would
>>>> be easier for others to find them.
>>> What do we need to do to get these folks on board?  I am happy to do a
>>> social for people who work the booth - is that incentive to find those
>>> folks?
>> For just a random participant at a conference, who is not a famous
>> kernel maintainer or even speaker, it could be hard to find a crowd to
>> talk to. Even when there is 8000 people around - you don't connect to
>> them. So my idea is that booth needs to be such a connector. (I
>> personally use it for that)
>> So my idea is not about us going somewhere to socialize, but for
>> making booth the socializing place of its own.
>> In practice I see it somewhat like this:
>> * we get a banner with huge letters "open hours" or "ask me about" or
>> "Fedora meeting point"
>> This could be a dedicated banner or simply an A3 paper pinned on top
>> of existing banner with some tape, whatever works, but the bigger the
>> better.
>> Now there should be three columns: time slot, name/fas and topics. And
>> there should be a pen. And any Fedora contributor can sign himself in
>> a time slot.
>> * week before the event we announce the Fosdem Open Hours on
>> fedora-devel@ and suggest people to sign in for time slots in advance
>> They don't have to present their projects, they don't have to be open
>> source "celebrities", they don't have to be Ambassadors, they just
>> need to talk about Fedora for an hour. Meet other users.
>> * we can also reach out to Fedora-related FOSDEM speakers directly and
>> suggest them to have a "follow-up" Q&A hour at the booth after their
>> talk
>> When I do a talk at a conference, these follow-up questions are the
>> most interesting part of it, and 5 minutes after the talk are usually
>> not enough. Then I think it is a great opportunity for a speaker to
>> extend the Q&A session and have a dedicated place for it.
>> * let Fedora contributors sign in for time slot on site, while they
>> are passing by.
>> At huge conferences there is always a time when you don't know what to
>> do, because the room you wanted to get in was overcrowded, or you have
>> a break in your schedule, or whatever. So let people come to the booth
>> during that time and announce themselves and work as Fedora Ambassador
>> for a bit.
>> For those who have signed, we shouldn't promise the only on-topic
>> questions and deep meaningful discussions, we should promote it as a
>> "meet the crowd" thing. The topics should work as possible
>> conversation starters, but no one should be limited to them. If it
>> happens that you end up discussing the specific pull-request you are
>> reviewing - it is awesome, but if it just an hour of talking about
>> "why Fedora", while you've signed with the "kernel message bus" topic
>> - that should be totally ok too.
>> Optionally:
>>  * design special t-shirts for those who signed in and came, like
>> "Fosdem 2018 Fedora AMA"
>> Now there might be problems:
>> - no one wants to participate
>> Maybe this idea doesn't work and people are actually quite busy and
>> have more of the interesting stuff to do at a conference than I think.
>> Then we just populate the open hours list with some inputs from the
>> Ambassadors themselves. We are Fedora contributors as well. So we can
>> put our names and our topics, and this will also help us to organize
>> Ambassador shifts in a better way.
>> - inexperienced people at the booth
>> We always need at least one experienced ambassador to be at the booth,
>> coordinating those who came temporarily. In the end it is the
>> Ambassador who is responsible for the booth equipment, swag and so on.
>> - space at the booth
>> Currently we don't have much space near the booth stand, and it
>> sometimes gets overcrowded, so that people who talk don't let others
>> to get the swag. We need to optimize a space a bit. I think if we
>> don't clutter it with clothes and boxes we can setup a dedicated
>> standing corner for talking which would be on the side of a table. May
>> be get a barstool in that corner as well.
>> Feel free to discuss and disagree :)
>> --
>> Aleksandra Fedorova
>> bookwar
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