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> I likely won't be able to make the meeting, but I would love to see the APAC ambassador meeting add an agenda item to discuss the pros and cons of the various FUDCon APAC bids that have been submitted (Malaysia, Beijing, and Philippines are the ones I have seen). I'm curious to see what the APAC ambassadors recommend, and I'll take that recommendation into account as I make my decision in the next couple of weeks.

Understood.  Depending on the APAC Ambassadors' attendance, the discussion may be fulfilling or limited.

I strongly suggest as we conducted last year to have a follow-up FUDCon APAC meeting where the bidders are able to attend and interject moderately real-time feedback via the IRC.  Food for your FUDCon thought.  :)

> Would you mind adding that to the agenda? If so, I'll read the meeting minutes and ask any further questions on this mailing list.

We have been discussing the APAC FUDCon since last year as part of APAC Events topic -

* http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-01-21#APAC_events Next APAC FUDCon 2012[likely it will happen['China' or 'Malayisia' or 'Philippines']]

Thank you Buddhika for enhancing the agenda with additional topic.

* http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-01-21#pros_and_cons_of_the_various_FUDCon_APAC_bids

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