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   I have been an ambassador for more than a year now, but honestly have not been able to contribute in ways I thought I would when I joined. My only contribution would be a little help here and there in spreading the word of Fedora to friends, colleges, students. I have also helped in burning cds and installation.

Same with me Satyajit. But I believe, that's the whole ambassador in a nutshell. :D

   Honestly the difficulties I faced were mainly I did not have anyone to account to. I believe that we can come up with plans but with work pressure and other factors plans can go wasted if we are not accountable to some body. I did not have a schedule as what are the possibilities I could achieve in a year or a given time.

Since, Fedora Ambassadors is a volunteer program, it should not impose on time you can't commit. For myself and others in the Philippines, we have three big activities for every year - two Fedora release parties and the Software Freedom Day. In between those three, we split time on whatever comes along and if we can fit them on our schedules.

   I do meticulously read the threads in the list, but that's all. I do want to be involved but I am not very clear on how I could do things. I did write a mail on it and did get a suggestion to get into infrastructure, but then again I was clueless there too. I did send a mail to that list but did not get any replies. I do understand we all have busy schedules, but the idea of a mentor would be good. As one with more experience in the group will definitely be able to see capabilities in one with lesser experience and be able to guide that person.

I agree whole-heartedly on the mentor thing. It would make the assimilation process faster.

   Currently I am in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting schedule comes up on the time I am unable to attend. With just another ambassador in the area I really am clueless in promoting fedora beyond my work place. I have been successful at work getting one of the servers to run on fedora and many other machines too. I would love to do more.

If it's any consolation, we're re-organizing APAC to better respond to the geographical challenges APAC Fedora Ambassadors face. I believe you're in our group[1] :D


Satyajit Ranjeev

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Regions

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