That is exactly the same perspective I have about Latinoware and having Fudcon on large events.

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Hi guys, sorry but I was unable to attend past meeting. I'm +1 to Brazil, because I'm sure that a big part of the Latinoware audience (4 to 5k people) will also attend Fudcon, so we will save $ with flights, etc. On the other hand, if Fudcon is going to Panama, it's a great opportunity to spend some time and to visit that country.
This a very important view of the event. A user point of view. True to be told, there was a FUDCon in Brazil within FISL. What happened was that we didn't get attention from the larger multitude. Attendance to FUDCon activities were scarce, mainly only the contributors sponsored to be there. The talks scheduled on the main event were few, because we already have our own space. Our work for the project was not much as we have also booth time to take care of to answer questions to the public. So, I think that we should be at latinoware and have four or five people there for the event. It is the most important event of Southamerica. The contributors coming out of Latinoware has been anecdotical and not something that can be established. We can not say that we get at least one new collaborator out of Latinoware each year. Still Fedora should be present at that event. But I think that hosting FUDCon will not be productive. This is not only my opinion, it is what the general view of the council mailing list has been discussing about FUDCon and Flock. There should be a special circumstances for a co-hosted event to work. Two communities that see benefit of sharing the space and time. FUDCon will have no impact in the outcome of Latinoware. Latinoware will benefit for having Fedora people in the event, but fedora community will be diluted in such big event. If I had the opportunity to be at Latinoware, I will want to spent most of my time on the talks about robotics and 3D printing. Everyone wants to be part of FUDCon, everyone wants to FUDCon be near to be able to attend even if there is no sponsorship. But that is not what will make FUDCon a worthy investment of money and the time of the collaborators involved. If we want something different to happen, we should try to do something different. What really matters is having clear objetives of what we expect to be the outcome of FUDCon and how the organizing team has arranged the schedule to make sure those objectives will be met. Neville _______________________________________________ ambassadors mailing list -- ambassadors@lists.fedoraproject.org To unsubscribe send an email to ambassadors-leave@lists.fedoraproject.org